Maternity Photography

Maternity photography session Regular price $150.

30 minute session Special $125 (Mother only)

60 minute session special $150 (may include husband and children)

Call now to book your maternity session 801 562 0690

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Coolest maternity photography in utah

Maternity photography

Many maternity photography sets and backgrounds

Great maternity photos

Indoor and outdoor maternity sets

maternity picture ideas


Choose the right photographer for your materniy photos.  Click on the following link to see more incredible maternity portraits done at Barrus Photography

Congratulations! You’re having a baby. This is the day you have dreamed about. There are many maternity photographers to choose from but we are not all created equally! Choose Barrus Photography and you will have maternity pictures you will cherish for a lifetime. Steve Barrus and Jenny Gamboa are the best maternity photographers in Utah.

Maternity picture

We have over 25 years of experience, and yet we are always changing our maternity portraits style to reflect the current popular shots.  Please don’t  choose someone who is inexperienced to take your maternity pictures.

Maternity portrait ideas

You can have a variety of traditional, funky, and candid maternity pictures with Barrus. Check out our maternity gallery for samples of our work.


We are an amazing value, you don’t need to pay top bucks for your maternity photography.   If you are looking for high quality but fordable maternity photography you have come to the right place!  You can own all of your maternity photography images for only $100.

Maternity portraits


Steve is constantly researching the web and any other sources he can find find get new ideas for the coolest maternity photography on the planet.   One of the things that makes maternity photography fun for Steve is trying out new interesting ideas.  He tries every session to create maternity photography  that he has never done before.

One of Barrus Photography’s main goals in creating maternity photography is to find out each bride’s unique style.   Some mothers are very traditional and others like to be pretty wild and crazy.    Barrus Photography tries very hard to customizes their maternity photography to each expecting mom’s  personality and style.

You can give Steve or Jenny a pose  list for your maternity pictures but you don’t have too.   They have done so many maternity photography poses  that the important poses are chiseled into their brains.   Seriously they could get incredibly maternity photos images  in their sleep.

maternity photography


 maternity photography

best maternity photography in Utah